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Lesbian Identity and Contemporary Psychotherapy: A Framework for Clinical Practice.

Book co-authored with Dr. Eda Goldstein, Analytic Press. August 2003.


“Goldstein and Horowitz have written a superb teaching text that will be useful to students and experienced clinicians, to straight and queer therapists alike. They not only provide a comprehensive introduction to psychotherapy with lesbian patients but offer richly detailed and moving clinical illustrations that include verbatim accounts of actual sessions. The reader not only learns about lesbian relationships and lesbian identity but, more importantly, learns to struggle with his or her own personal and subjective responses to lesbian patients.” Lewis Aron, Ph.D., New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis 

“Goldstein and Horowitz ably provide the reader with a view of the psychosocial and relational matrices in which treatment with lesbian patients takes place. At the same time, responsiveness to the needs of the individual patient remains the central focus of their clinical work. Their approach to transference and countertransference admirably demonstrates how one goes about translating psychoanalytic theory into actual practice. All this makes Lesbian Identity and Contemporary Psychotherapy an extremely useful volume both for clinicians wishing to learn more about gay affirmative treatment and for those interested in psychotherapy in general.” Jack Drescher, M.D., Author – Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Gay Man (TAP, 1998)

“Lesbian Identity and Contemporary Psychotherapy is an indispensable resource for all psychotherapists. Goldstein and Horowitz provide a feast of clear, lively, and detailed clinical case examples. And their sophisticated, wise use of contemporary psychoanalytic thinking helps illustrate the diversity of lesbian experience as well as the clinical challenges and pleasures of working with lesbian patients.” Maggie Magee & Diana C. Miller, Authors – Lesbian Lives: Psychoanalytic Narratives Old and New (TAP, 1997)

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