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Providing Psychotherapy and Counseling:

Dr. Horowitz sees clients in both long and short-term psychotherapy. She belongs to the school of relational and interpersonal psychoanalytically-oriented therapy that has evolved over the past thirty years. It emphasizes the psychological importance of our relationships with others as the forces behind the ways we shape our expectations of ourselves and others.

In Treatment:

Dr. Horowitz first attends to the client's immediate troubling symptoms.

In Sessions:

Dr. Horowitz is interactive and compassionate. Her purpose is to create a safe environment where clients can access and express painful and angry feelings.

She helps clients to develop insight into what triggers unhealthy, self-critical thoughts, self-defeating patterns of behavior, the sources of debilitating depression and anxiety, personal dissatisfaction, and feelings of despair.

She educates clients about biological factors that contribute to these feelings and she encourages patients to practice Mindfulness: a meditation practice proven to alleviate stress.

Dr. Horowitz helps clients to think through new strategies for resolving their problems. This enables clients to develop new ways of relating to their family, friends, and to their work environment.